Richie Aldente at the Nectar Lounge August 2017, photo by Ocean Tone

Gregory Nomination

Gregory Award Nomination Press Photo for the Beggar Woman in Sweeney Todd, Artswest Theater and Playhouse, Seattle, WA, June 2017, photo by Michael Wallenfels


Seattle Rock Orchestra Performs Beck 3.7.2015 at the Moore Photo by Jason Tang

Say it Loud Performance photo taken by Sandra Brierley, Red Crow Photography

Say it Loud Performance 1.10.2014 Photo taken by Sandra Brierley, Red Crow Photography


A Suite Tooth: Senior Recital 3.21.2013 Photo by David Speranza

Vito’s on 9th and Madison Performance 9.6.2012 Photo by David Speranza

Soaring Heart gig, adorableness with the Michel Navedo Trio November.2011 Photo’s by Yuri Abbot

Roy St. Coffee gig November.2011 Photo by David Speranza

Gender Bender Cabaret – “I Speak Six Languages” Photo by Scot Rawlings

RENT at the 5th Avenue Theater July and August.2012 Photo by Mark Kitaoka

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